Annual Town Meeting & Special Town Meeting

Annual & Special Town Meeting

Middle/High School Auditorium

Monday, June 15, 2020 at 7:00PM

Masks required and Social Distancing will be maintained

Support your Community! 100 Voters required to conduct the business of the meeting.


June 15, 2020

To protect your safety and the safety of others please follow the guidelines below.

The use for face coverings is urged for everyone.

Stand 6 feet apart on the marked lines.

Be patient with our staff as we will allow people to check in one voter/ one family per precinct at a time.

Seating will be socially distanced.

A family may sit together in the designated area.

Once seated please stay in your seat until town meeting is over, unless there is an emergency.

Microphones will be brought to you if you have any questions.

Thank You