The Georgetown Fire Department is a municipal combination fire department located in the town of Georgetown, Massachusetts It currently has a full-time/career Fire Chief, fulltime-career Captain, fulltime-career Lieutenant, two fulltime-career Firefighter/EMT’s and 30 per-diem/on-call Firefighter/EMT’s.

The Georgetown Fire Department operates out of 2 fire stations with 3 engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 2 Basic Life Support Ambulance, 1 Fire Command Vehicle. The Erie Fire Company supplies one of the 3 engines and station to operate out of to the fire department. The Georgetown Fire Department receives funding from a town budget, federal and state grants, and the Ambulance Enterprise Account. We operate utilizing a combination of current NFPA and traditional methodologies and tactics.

The station is staffed 7 days a week from 06:00 to 21:00 hours with a minimum of 3 Firefighter/EMT’s. During the week day (Monday thru Friday) we staff and additional Firefighter/EMT to bring the total to 4.

From 21:00 to 06:00 7 days a week the station is not staffed and we rely on a minimum of 3 Firefighter/EMT’s to respond from home along with the rest of the available members to answer emergency calls.

The Georgetown Fire Department responds to more than 2000 calls (emergency and service calls) per year, of varying types. Calls consist of emergency medical calls, structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, as well as general rescue calls.

The primary purpose of a fire department and the core reason for its existence is to fight fires; this core work is carried out by members of the Georgetown Fire Department. Fire Suppression response relies on several key factors which include; early notification, rapid response and an aggressive interior fire attack to suppress fires before they can increase in size.

The Georgetown Fire Department also employs current technology to safely fight fires during an aggressive initial fire attack these technologies include:

the most up-to-date personal protective equipment,

(3) Thermal imaging cameras.

NFPA compliant SCBA’s.

Even with all today’s technology most actual firefighting cannot be accomplished without sufficient training and an abundance of manual labor on scene to extinguish the fire.

Also, in addition to firefighting the members of the Georgetown Fire Department respond to emergency medical calls, structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, as well as general rescue calls. Pairing up emergency response of fires, medical, and rescue calls.