Building Inspector

The Building Services department is responsible for providing a full range of services to the citizens of Georgetown. Services include the issuance of permits, review of plans, and field inspection of projects. The individual inspectors are responsible for ensuring work sites are inspected and that all work being performed is in compliance with Massachusetts State Codes, Federal Guidelines and the Town of Georgetown’s bylaws.

The Building Inspector is also the zoning enforcement officer. He is responsible for the enforcement of codes and ordinances that directly impact the appearance and public welfare of the community. He is responsible for field inspections and enforcement procedures.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Angelo Salamone Building Inspector (978) 352-5736
Carl Maglio, Electrical Inspector Electrical Inspector (978) 352-5736
William Gianacoples Gas/Plumbing Inspector (978) 352-5736
Robyn Holt Administrative Assistant (978) 352-5736