FAQ - Usage of the Recreational Path

What uses are proposed for the path?

Based on a town-wide survey done by the Recreational Path Committee in 2004 the major non-motorized shared usage priorities were walking, cycling, running, dog walking and inline skating.

What are the benefits of the path?

Statistics indicate that suburban dwellers are on average 7 pounds heavier than urbanites. Paving a trail through the heart of Georgetown will encourage greater activity and opportunities to meet and greet neighbors. It will revitalize the existing land corridor that was once the core of social and commercial life in Georgetown. The path will bring renewed usage and activity to the heart of Georgetown.

What is the purpose of the proposed path?

The proposed recreational path will help to preserve the rural character of Georgetown. It will make a healthful recreational option available to all residents and visitors. The proposed corridor will link all Georgetown neighborhoods and adjacent towns, such as Boxford and Newbury, with Georgetown’s commercial areas. Within Georgetown it will serve as a non-motorized shared-use path that will link the schools, the Peabody Library, Camp Denison, American Legion Park, the Crane Pond Wildlife Management Reservation and the Parker River.

Does the path extend to other towns?

The survey done in 2004 showed overwhelming support for extending the trail to other towns and the chances of receiving federal funding are enhanced with a regional trail. Georgetown is a member of the Boston to Border (B2B) Coalition whose objective is a 28 mile long trail including the towns of Salisbury, Newburyport, Newbury, Georgetown, Boxford, Topsfield, Wenham and Danvers.

What rules will govern usage?

The Recreational Path Committee will create a bylaw which will require town meeting approval. Suggestions and ideas are welcome. Once the bylaw is in place, it will be enforceable by the Georgetown Police Department.

What will be the hours of operation?

Current path usage is planned to be from dawn to dusk. As all particulars governing usage of the path this will be determined by a Georgetown Recreational Path Bylaw.

Will lighting be installed along the path?

No. Path usage is currently planned to be from dawn to dusk and will be included in the Bylaw which will be created and presented to the town for approval.

Will the path be handicap accessible?

Yes, it will meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

Will the path be used year round?

Yes. Current planning does not call for snow removal during the winter months. During winter months: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, bird watching and trekking are encouraged as wintertime nonmotorized uses.

Are dogs allowed on the path?

Yes, but under the control of the owner and in compliance with the town bylaws governing path usage and current leash laws.