Outdoor Water Restriction

Georgetown Water Department

1 Moulton Street Georgetown, MA 01833-1943

 Tel. 978-352-5750 Fax. 978-352-5706

PWS   ID#   3105000

Notice to All Water Customers

On Tuesday June 19, 2018, the Georgetown Water Dept. will be implementing increased restrictions on residential, commercial, and municipal outdoor water use. This is due to rapidly decreasing water levels at two of our well sites, and the immediate need to perform rehabilitation service on the Marshall Well. The enhanced restriction is as follows:

Even/Odd watering:

Even numbered addresses may water only on even

numbered calendar days.

Odd numbered addresses may water only on odd

numbered calendar days.

Most irrigation controllers have the even/odd watering function built right in.

No outdoor watering between 9am – 5pm remains in effect. We hope that if everyone follows these guidelines, the need for more stringent restrictions or bans can be avoided. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your cooperation.

Additional information and updates: