TRIAD Program

The Essex County TRIAD is a community safety initiative that focuses on empowering, educating and improving the safety, security and peace of mind of the senior population. The goal of TRIAD is to:

  • Reduce criminal activity, which targets the senior community.
  • Alleviate senior’s fear of victimization, build confidence and improve their qualit of life.
  • Enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to the senior population.

What is TRIAD?

TRIAD consists of a partnership, which involves:

  • The Sheriff & District Attorney
  • The Police & Fire Chief
  • The Council on Aging and supportive senior services in each community.

How does TRIAD work?

Each community establishes its own, TRIAD Council that assesses and addresses the needs of the senior community. The TRIAD council is presided over by a chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary who are active seniors in the community. The establishment of TRIAD councils empowers local seniors to assist members of their community by creating, organizing and operating various programs throughout the community.

TRIAD Projects

  • Photo ID Cards – This free program provides seniors with a secondary form of identification.
  • Yellow Dot Program – By placing a yellow dot sticker on your vehicle, emergency responders are alerted that your medical information can be found in your glove compartment.
  • File of Life – A magnet type folder containing your medical information is placed on your refrigerator and is intended to alert emergency responders.
  • Mock Trial – A staged trial focusing on senior scams introduces seniors to the judicial system.
  • 911 Cell Phone – This free program provides seniors with cellular phones that can only be used for emergency situations.
  • Is Your House Number Up? – A house numbering initiative that assists the Police, Fire and EMS in their efforts to respond quickly to 9-1-1 emergency calls.
  • Speaker Series – Local law enforcement members meet with senior groups to discuss issues such as identity theft, domestic violence and elder scams.

TRIAD Events:

TRIAD Monthly Meetings: Each community in Essex County that is involved with TRIAD has a monthly meeting generally held in their Senior Center.

For information on TRIAD please contact 978-352-5700.