Emergency Beacon Lights

As a direct result of a donation by the Georgetown Light Department more than 100 "emergency beacon" light bulbs have been donated for distribution to seniors.

The bulbs are designed to start blinking steadily after having been turned on and off twice in rapid succession. The idea is to put the light outside a senior's home or apartment, or in a lamp in a window where emergency personnel could see the light from the street. This light can greatly improve an emergency responders ability to find your house in particular when snow or ice may block a house number.

"Even if someone wasn't able to call 911 for help, but were able to turn on the beacon, one of the neighbors would be able to see the light and contact us," said Senior Relations Officer Mark Anderson.

The bulbs, a $20 value, work as normal light bulbs with 2,000 light hours.

"We're giving them away to anyone over 60 years old," said Anderson.

If you would like to receive one of these lights please contact Officer Mark Anderson at 978-352-5700