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Georgetown Firefighters Extinguish Barn Fire
Georgetown Firefighters Extinguish Barn Fire

Saturday evening January 15th at around 11:30 pm the homeowner at 52 North Street heard a car blasting its orn in his driveway.  As he looked out the window to see what the noise was about, he saw his attached 2-story barn/garage was on fire.  His neighbor across was watching TV, heard the noise and also got up to see the garage in flames.  The neighbor made the first 911 call to Georgetown EOPS reporting the fire in the neighbor's barn. 

Car 3 (Deputy Moyer) was first on-scene and confirmed a working fire in a 30x30 barn attached to the house by a 15' breezeway.  First-due Engine 1 was able to make the hydrant across the street and the blitz line was immediately deployed on side A.  Ladder 1 was ordered to set up on North Street (D side) with its ladder pipe being fed by Engine 5.  Engine 4 caught a hydrant on North Street and laid a supply for working a blitz line on the Charlie side.  Car 1 (Chief Beardsley) arrived on scene and command was transferred by Car 3.  Deputy Moyer took over Safety while Deputy Ricker was interior operations.  To the scene were Rowley FD with an Engine Company for RIT, Byfield supplied an Engine and Ambulance for manpower and Groveland was requested to the scene for their Tower.  Boxford supplied an engine for station coverage. 

At one point a portable device was set up on Side A allowing crews from Engine 1 to pull an additional 1 3/4" hand line.  This line was brought into the breezeway section andcutoff fire from spreading into the house.  The Ladder 1 crew checked the main house for extension and raised ground ladders to the main house while the Groveland crew was utilized to assist with the blitz line on the C Side.  Chief Beardsley reported this was a well coordinated and aggressive attack.  Although streams were coming in from sides A and C with an overhead ladder pipe, at no time were the streams over-shooting the fire. 

Then by having the interior line in place, the Chief reported, we were able to cut off the fire from further advancing into the structure.  Crews remained on scene until 3 am coming back later in the morning to mop up a couple of hot spots.  Power was later restored and the owner was allowed to re-occupy the house. The fire was investigated by the Georgetown FD and State Fire Marshall's Office with the cause coming from improperly disposed of ash from a pellet stove

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