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Fire Department
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Fire Chief
47 Central Street
Georgetown, MA 01833
(978) 352-5757
(978) 352-5741
Emergency: Dial 911
With all the recent snowfall, it's important to clear hydrants of snow near your house, because seconds count.
With all the recent snowfall, it's important to clear hydrants of snow near your house, because seconds count.

GTFD SANTA TOUR OFFICIAL ROUTE & Toys for Tots Collection - Sunday December 7th

This is the official GTFD Santa Tour Route.  Please understand that we do our best to stick as close to the times as possible, however these are approximate times.  Please do not call the fire or police station looking to find out where santa is or when he will be in your neighborhood.  This only ties up our dispatchers and can interfere with emergency communications and operations.  We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to all the smiling faces on Sunday.  Don't forget, our toy collectors will be traveling with us to collect your new, unwrapped toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive.

VFW - Andover St Hardy Ter r- Spofford St -Boxford Line - Spofford St - Andover St - West St  -  Pine Plain Rd  - Andover St - Andover St - Davis Ln  - 1100-1130

Andover St  - upper Bailey Ln  -  Marion Way - Bailey Ln Across to Baldpate Rd  -  Baldpate Rd  - Chaplin Hill -  Baldpate Rd  -  Blueberry Ln -  Baldpate Rd -  Nelson St  - Central St - turn at Georgetown Rd  - 1130-1200

Central St - Lantern/Corinthian - Central St -  Pingree Farm Rd  -  East St  - Elm St -  Brook St - Central St - Elm St -  East Main St -  Union St  -  Library St  - the Square - 1200-1230

Central St - Andover St - Cedar Ln - Andover St - Cantebury Dr - Londonderry Ln - Littles Hill Ln - Hillside Dr - Baldpate Rd - Andover St - Hamilton Terr - take a LEFT down and around Bradford Loop - Lake Shore Dr - Taylor St - around Mohawk Cir and back out Lake Shore Dr - around Beverly Dr - Lake Shore Dr - Taylor St -  1230-1315

Bailey Ln-West Main St - King St - Old Jacobs Rd - far end of Gloria Rd around - King St - West Main St - Trestle Way -  LEFT to West Main  - around Lake Ridge Dr - Spofford Ave - Chaplin St - Bartlett Dr - Weston Ave - West Main - Moulton - Monroe/Madison - Nelson Ave - Andover St - Cottage - Clark St - School St -  West Main St - Middle St - West Main St -  1315-1430

West Main St  - Prospect St - Pond St - Pillsbury St - out Pond to Quaker’s corners - back to Prescott Ln/Carriage Ln - Pond St - Mill St/Emily Ln - North St - Silvermine Ln - North St - 1500-1530

Parsonage/Linden Cir -  Juniper Ln  -  Summer St -  North St  - Pleasant St/Park St/Lincoln St/Maple St/Winter St  -  East Main St  -  Pillsbury Ln/Reynard Ln/Partridge/Bernay Way /Ilene Cir - 1530-1615

East Main St - True Ln -  East Main St - Tenney St - Searle St - Lisa Ln - to Searle St - Wilkins Way - Searle St - Fieldstone Ln - Marlboro Rd - White Pine Dr - Searle St - Woodland Rd - Spaulding Rd - Tenney St - Marlboro Rd - Abbey Rd - Ledge Rd - Woodland Rd - Tenney St -  Longhill/Longview/Birch Tree - Tenney St - Industrial Way - 1615-1700

Tenney St - Hickory Ln - Hawk Way - Tenney St - Acorn Way - Jewett St - Tall Tree Way - Jewett St - Forest St - Jewett St  - Crescent Dr - Warren St - Village Ln - Warren St - Pine Needle/Sage Rd/Raymond Ct - Warren St - Belleau Woods - across to Rainbow Ridge - Warren St - Jackman St - Ordway - Warren St around to Jewett St -  Jackman St - 1730-1815

Over the highway -  Jewett St  -  Fazio Farm Rd  - turn at the Latter Day Saints Church -  Jewett St  - Thurlow St - Tiger Row - Thurlow -  North St  - Stone Row - North -  Brownfield Ln  -  North St  -  Web Rd  -  North St  - Wells/Derek/Swanton -  North St  - 1815-1900

Charles St/Amburg St  - Meadowview -  North St  - Thurlow St -  Kenneth Rd  -  Thurlow St turn at the Groveland Line - 1900-1945

North St  - Sawmill/Rosemarie/Waldingfield  -  North St  - Brookmeadow/Oregon -  North St  -  Maureen Way  -  North St -  North St to the Square and back to Central Station - 1945-2015

Open Burning Season Begins January 15, 2015

Open Burning season once again begins on January 15th and runs through April 30th.  As required by law, all open burning must be permitted by the Fire Department.  Permits are $10 (+$2.50 if using a credit card) and can be purchased online through our permit system or at the Central Fire Station.  You can obtain a permit beginning January 15th.  You can purchase online by checking back here on January 15th.

Georgetown Designated As A HeartSafe Community

The Georgetown Fire Department was recently designated as a Heartsafe Community by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The Heartsafe designation recognizes communities that have made an outstanding effort to provide awareness, education, and response to cardiac arrest emergencies. Georgetown joins the approximately 125 Heartsafe communities in Massachusetts and the hundreds of additional communities nationwide. The Heartsafe program was started in Massachusetts in 2002. Criteria for the award include:

-Placement of public access Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in schools, public buildings, businesses, etc.
-Community training programs in CPR, First Aid, and Chokesaver response Click her for list of classes as well as informal training and awareness campaigns at special events throughout the year
-Extensive training for Fire Department EMTs and Paramedics in cardiac arrest response
-Acquisition of new technology to aid in cardiac arrest care

The Georgetown Fire Department is committed to providing the highest possible standard of emergency medical care to the residents and visitors of Georgetown. We are excited to receive recognition for our efforts and we hope to continue to add more services and training opportunities to the program in the near future.

Georgetown Fire Department now offering CPR, First Aid, and Chokesaver Classes

The Georgetown Fire Department is now offering CPR, First Aid, and Chokesaver classes to members of the public. Please see the “CPR and First Aid” page of our website for class prices and promotional materials. Feel free to call or e-mail the Fire Department at 978-352-5757 or for further information.


An Important Message from Chief Beardsley

Do you have a fireplace, pellet stove, etc, anything that produces a disposable ash?   BUY an approved Ash Can. They're not that much money and can be found in any Big Box store, hardware store or fireplace specialty shop. This morning we experienced our fourth house fire in recent times that was attributable to improper disposal of the ash. In all... four cases the homeowner reported the ash was removed from the fireplace days ago. People, the ash acts like an insulating blanket around the hot ember. Often you don't see it and think the ashes are cold. Disposal in cardboard boxes, plastic bags or plastic trash cans, and left in the garage doesn't work. The fire will continue to smolder for hours or even days before it gets just enough oxygen to start a raging house fire. Today the homeowner was lucky, she was on a day off. The fire alarm activated and she went to investigate and found her garage, with her car inside, on fire. Prompt work by fire crews from Georgetown and Rowley prevented a worse disaster. At least in this case the homeowner kept the door closed going into the main house, but losses occurred to the car, garage and an office upstairs. Please pass this along to anyone that has a fireplace, stove, etc. Buy an approved ash container and be safe!

Public Service Announcement on Recycling and Storing Batteries


Carbon Monoxide detectors have a lifespan of approximately 7 years.  In 2006, Massachusetts implemented "Nicole's Law" requiring CO detectors in all homes.  As we usher in 2013, many of these detectors have reached their useful lifespan.  Click on the picture above to find out how to determine if your CO detector needs replacing. (Adobe PDF required).

Gel Fuel Recall

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission in conjunction with nine manufactors and distributors of Gel Fuel has issued a voluntary recall.  Please click here (adobe pdf viewer required) to read more about the recall.

SAFETYNET by LoJack Comes to Georgetown

The Town of Georgetown Fire Department is proud to bring the SafetyNet by LoJack service to the Town of Georgetown, offering peace of mind for caregivers of people at risk of wandering. When someone you love is affected by autism, Alzheimer's, Down syndrome, dementia or other cognitive conditions, the chance of him or her wandering and becoming lost is potentially high, and may lead to tragic consequences.  Working hand in hand with public safety agencies, the SafetyNet service helps quickly find and bring your loved one home, providing you with additional protection and peace of mind. Click here to learn more. 


Click on the above image for more information on the Georgetown Fire Department and information on becoming a Georgetown Firefighter

Fire Photo 1The Georgetown Fire Department is a municipal call fire department located in the town of Georgetown, Massachusetts and is comprised of two privately owned Fire Companies, the Central Fire Company and the Erie Four Fire Association.

The Central Fire Company was formed in 1923 and resides in the Public Safety building with Georgetown's Police Department. It currently has about 25 active Fire Fighting members, and growing.

Fire Photo 2The Georgetown Fire Department operates out of 2 fire stations with 3 engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Medium Duty Rescue Truck and many other various support apparatus.

The Georgetown Fire Department receives funding from a town budget, federal and state grants, as well as private donations. We operate utilizing a combination of current NFPA and traditional methodologies and tactics.

homephoto30.jpgThe Georgetown Fire Department. responds to more than 800 calls per year, of varying types. Calls consist of emergency medical calls, structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, as well as general rescue calls. Pairing up emergency response of fires, medical, and rescue calls with fire prevention helps to provide a safe environment for all the citizens of Georgetown. Georgetown's Fire Department also has an aggressive fire prevention division and a strong public education program to help prevent fires and injury in Georgetown.

Interested in helping out? To join the Georgetown Fire Department click here.

Town of Georgetown  1 Library Street, Georgetown, MA 01833
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