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Welcome to the website for the town of Georgetown, Massachusetts.
Welcome to our website

Conservation Links

Local Environmental Organizations

Boxford Trails Association / Boxford Open Lands Trust –

Essex County Greenbelt Association –

Friends of Our Trails: Greater Newbury (FOOT) –

Parker River Clean Water Association –

Massachusetts Environmental Information

Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions (MACC) –

Massachusetts Audubon Society –

Massachusetts Birding Links ( –

Massachusetts Bluebird Association –

Massachusetts Butterfly Club –

Massachusetts Native Plant Committee –

Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch (EMHW) –

General Nature Images & Information

Georgetown Biodiversity (Mass EOEA) –

Get Outside: The Nature Show for Essex County –

Massachusetts Biodiversity (Mass EOEA) –

NatureServe: Connecting Science with Conservation ( –

National Biological Information Infrastructure

General Wildlife Images & Information

Vernal Pool Association –

Living with Wildlife (Mass Audubon) –

Living with Wildlife (MSPCA) –

Wildlife Program (MassWildlife) –

The New England Wildflower Society –

Amphibians Images & Information

Amphibians Species and Identification Guide: Frogs, Toads & Salamanders (USGS) –

Frogs and Toads in Color and Sound (NatureSound) –

Field Guide to Massachusetts Frogs (NWF)–showstate=ma#frogs

Massachusetts State Reptiles and Amphibians List (MassWildlife) –

Birds Images & Information

Birds of Massachusetts Official State Checklist ( –

Birds of New England ( –

Birds of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (USGS) –

Bird of the Week (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) –

The Birdhouse Network (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) –

Christmas Bird Count (National Audubon) –

Forest and Rangeland Birds of the US (USGS) –

Internet Field Guide to Birds (BDI) –

New England Seabirds ( –

North American Bluebird Society –

Online Bird Guide (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) –

Patuxent Wildlife Research Laboratory - Birds (USGS) –

Ranges of North American Breeding Birds (USGS)

Warbler Watch Identification Guide to Warblers ( –

Fish Images & Information

Massachusetts Freshwater Fish (Harvard University) –

New England Sharks (Ocean of Know) –

Insects Images & Information

Butterflies of Essex County (USGS) –

Butterflies of Massachusetts (Mass Butterfly Club) –

Butterflies of Massachusetts (USGS) –

Butterflies of New England ( –

Butterflies of North America (USGS) –

Caterpillars of Eastern Forests (USGS) –

Dragonflies & Damselflies of Massachusetts (USGS) –

Moths of Massachusetts (USGS) –

Mammals Images & Information

Mammals of New England ( –

Massachusetts State Mammal List (MassWildlife) –

Whales of New England (Whale Center of New England) –

Reptiles Images & Information

Massachusetts State Reptiles and Amphibians List (MassWildlife) –

The Snakes of Massachusetts (Umass Extension) –

Wild Plants Images & Information

Many plant species that are native to Georgetown or Essex County or Massachusetts or New England have a wide range across North America. PLEASE NOTE, HOWEVER: The following sites may not accurately identify the native range or origin of a plant, and may include images of exotic species or species which are native to North America but not appropriate for environmental landscaping use in this area.

General Plants Images & Information

Atlas of the Flora of New England (Harvard U) –

Charlie’s Mid-Atlantic Plant Identification Guide

The Flora of New England (NEWFS) –

Native Plants of the Mid-Atlantic Region –

Northeast Wetland Flora (USGS)  –

Plants for a Future (UK site providing info on plant uses, includes many exotics)

Plants of the North (BWCA) –

PLANTS National Database (USDA) –

Trees & Woody Plants Images & Information

Dendrology Trees (Virginia Tech) –

Sylvics Manual: Trees (USDA) –

Trees of Eastern North American Forests (ISAS) –

Trees of Massachusetts (Virginia Tech) –

Wetlands, Water Bodies & Watercourses

Lakes Homepage (EPA) –

Massachusetts Stream Statistics (USGS/DEP) –

Northeast Wetland Flora (USGS)  –

Rivers & Streams Homepage (EPA)  -

Wetlands Home Page (EPA) –

US Fish & Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory (FWS) –

Vegetated Buffers and Stormwater –

Vernal Pool Information (Vernal Pool Society) –

Vernal Pool Certification (NHESP) –

Non-Profit & Education Organizations

Learning Web for Students, Teachers Explorers of Earth Sciences (USGS) –

American Bird Conservancy (ABCBirds) –

American Birding Association (ABA) –

Connecticut Botanical Society –

Refuge Support Group Program (USFWS) –

Laboratory of Ornithology (Cornell) –

National Audubon Society –

National Wildlife Refuge Association –

Natural Resources & Environmental Conservation (U Mass Extension) –

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) –

New England Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (NESCB) –

Plant Conservation Alliance –

Society for Conservation Biology –

Ocean of Know – The Greenhouse Project

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